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The Aspire Group

Charlie Chislaghi is without a doubt the best sports ticket sales trainer in the world. In the 25 years that I have had the good fortune to know and work with him he has demonstrated the remarkable quality of fine wine—he is even better with age!

Charlie has the personal qualities that are rare in experts. He is always driven by the utmost integrity and a true mentor and coach with an uncanny ability for assessing talent and knowing how to fully develop it.

Since I first worked with Charlie at the Pirates in the mid 80s, he has continued to learn and grow and always looking to add extra value to his clients. His breath of experience in so many different sports and so many different settings around the globe is unmatched. His total dedication to all of his trainees and his extensive network of thousands of alumni is perhaps his biggest achievement.

These are all the reasons why Charlie Chislaghi is The Aspire Group’s proud training partner on every Fan Relationship Center we operate.

Chairman and CEO
The Aspire Group, LLC

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University of Central Florida

A key component of our program has been training our staff in the art of ticket sales, which I learned through Charlie Chislaghi, the best in the business.

Former Associate AD for External Services
University of Central Florida

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As our administration looked to implement a true outbound sales
program to enhance our ticket sales effort, it was very important that
we create a program that helped influence our entire operation to create
a sales culture across all areas. In  addition to working closely with
our Sales Manager and Sales Account Executives on their sales tactics,
Charlie spent time with our booster organization and ticket operations
areas. In his time with these areas, Charlie was able to effectively
train  and influence the way our employees engage our constituents.
What impressed me most was the way that Charlie was able to work with
personnel who had absolutely no sales background or formal sales
training. In a short period of time and with  very basic, common-sense
ideas and training exercises, the “light-bulb came on” for our staff. To
see and hear the difference in the way our staff now engages customers
is exciting. We are seeing the results and reaping the rewards…from
higher season ticket renewal rates to letters of appreciation from
customers because of how they are treated.

I wholeheartedly recommend Charlie to anyone interested in
enhancing or creating a sales culture within their organization.

Assistant Athletics Director|Ticket Sales & Operations
The Florida State University

Even as an Account Executive I knew that once I earned my way into a management role that Charlie Chislaghi was the one I would want to train my team. Anyone pursuing a career in ticket sales should have the opportunity to train with Charlie. His way of making instant connections with everyone around him resonates with every sales representative he encounters. After just his first visit to FSU there was a significant increase of energy, motivation and sales.

By developing a road map that guides sales representatives through a phone call, they are able to grasp the sales process quickly. The teachings are basic, to the point and effective. It’s the way Charlie is able to communicate those techniques that make him a great partner who I recommend to every sales staff in every sport.

Ticket Sales Director
FSU Athletics

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University of Louisville

Simply put, Charlie Chislaghi is the best in the business. We were very fortunate at the University of Louisville to be the first intercollegiate athletic program to partner with Charlie in 2004. Charlie shared his knowledge, expertise, and sales principles with our staff, which has enabled us to grow our ticket sales exponentially. One of Charlie’s greatest strengths is that his techniques are simple to apply yet critically important for success and sustain themselves over time. Without a doubt, he would be an invaluable asset to any organization.

AD, Illinois State University
Former Senior Associate Athletic Director, University of Louisville

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Arizona State University

Charlie is truly one of a kind, a consummate professional. His sales knowledge and passion are unmatched. Charlie recruited our first Sales Manager, evaluated our staff, taught us best practices and created sales culture. As a result we have enjoyed enormous success in partnership with him. Charlie has not only been a committed partner but a great friend.

Associate AD, Revenue Generation
Arizona State University

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University of Mount Union

As I meet with senior management from sport organizations around the country that apply best sales practices, they seem to have one common characteristic—they all use Charlie Chislaghi to train their sales staffs.

I have witnessed firsthand what they are talking about because, for almost ten years, Charlie has been sharing his expertise with students at the University of Mount Union and from many other institutions through his participation in our Sport Sales Workshop & Job Fair. Charlie’s enthusiasm, integrity, and passion for sales have resulted in numerous college students pursuing a career in sales. Many of today’s rising sport sales professionals will directly credit Charlie with opening their eyes to a career in sales and equipping them with the tools needed to be successful. Several Mount Union Sport Business alums are now in senior level positions thanks to Charlie. His commitment to developing college students into future sales professionals has benefitted the sales efforts of teams in every professional sport.

Director of Mount Union Sport Sales Workshop & Job Fair
Chair, University of Mount Union Department of Human Performance & Sport Business
University of Mount Union
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